Future Developments

We are constantly upgrading and advancing our technology, by advancing our understanding of the process and its applications we constantly revise our fuzzy logic algorithms etc. to ensure we remain at the cutting edge of cutting technology. 

SMART award applications 

PECM Systems are dual SMART award winners for innovation in ECM and are currently undertaking an application for a further award. 

Being the country’s first ECM manufacturer capable of machining Tungsten Carbide (WC-Co) we are now focussing our R & D efforts in the machining of Hard Metals. There are a wide variety of applications such as Cutting Tool and Insert Manufacture, F1 and Aerospace where this truly innovative new technology can be applied immediately. 

 Research projects 

PECM Systems are currently undertaking several research projects in a variety of industries. As with our sales machines these are covered with nondisclosure agreements so we cannot reveal the companies involved.